Your rustic living style doesn’t end with the inside of your log home, so why shouldn’t the rest of your property reflect your rustic style and tastes?

Similar to interior furnishings, there is a certain level of expertise and care that is required in crafting comfortable Log Patio Furniture and accessories.  Quality materials and comfortable design can make the difference between liking and loving your outdoor rustic furniture.  Furthermore, design elements such as joinery, fastening, and finishes will determine the overall quality and value you’ll receive from our outdoor rustic furniture that is built to last.

Rustic log furniture should not only look great—it should feel great too! Our Log Adirondack chairs and benches are hand crafted to be ergonomically comfortable and last a lifetime.  Like the rest of our log furniture, we utilize mortise and tenon joinery for a rock-solid fit, and sanded smooth or hand-hewn profiles for a rustic finish.