With our diligent, cost-minded staff, we guarantee to find the cheapest, most time and cost effective way for you to receive your order. Depending on the size of your order and the location to where the order is going, we have three different options for getting our product into your hands.

1) Pioneer Rustics delivers within a 50 mile radius of our shop in Columbus, NC

2) We use UPS and common carriers to deliver nationwide.

3) Or you can pick your order up at our facilities. If decide to pick up at our shop, we look forward to meeting you personally.

Through any of our three shipping options, you have the peace of mind of our satisfaction guarantee, which means you will receive your beautiful, hand-crafted products on time and without any damage. If some damage has happened to your order, please contact us before packages are removed from the shipping vehicles.

Call today for more information! 1-828-699-7466